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Whe.Ren.Car, it’s fun to get all the bells and whistles like navigation, hands-free calls and texts, streaming audio and maybe even web browsing. But did you know that cars with these characteristics could continue to keep your private info, long after you’ve returned to your rental car? Below are some things to keep in mind while leasin.Connected car.

Locate your

What happens when you ren.Connected car? If you use the automobile ‘s infotainment system, it can store personal details. It might keep locations you entered in GPS or visited when travelling in the rental car such as where you work or live.

If you connec.Mobile device, your car can even keep your mobile phone number, call and message logs, or contacts and text messages. Unless you delete that info until you return the car, other people can view it, for example future tenants and rental car workers or hackers.

If you choose to ren.Linked auto, here are some steps you can take to protect your personal information:

Avoid linking your mobile phones or devices to the infotainment system only for charging.Why? Sometimes, the USB connection can transfer dat. Should you connect your device to the car, the infotainment system can introduc.Display which allows you define which types of info you are interested in getting the system to access. Grant access only to the information you think is required if you simply need to play music, for example, you don’t need to okay accessibility to your contacts. Delete your info from the infotainment system before returning the car. renting a luxury car Go in the infotainment system’s settings menu to discove.Listing of devices which were paired with the machine. Locate your device and then follow the prompts to disable it. The proprietor ‘s manual along with the rental car company may have more info about ways to delete your information.

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Want to find out more about how your personal information is shared and used every day? Watch this brief video.